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“De burger is iemand die deelneemt aan het maatschappelijk
leven, door beurtelings geregeerd te worden en te regeren.”

-  Aristoteles

A New Life for Old Buildings

The guide A New Life for Old Buildings contains walking, biking and navigation routes which you can use to visit more than 40 buildings in Amsterdam that have been restored and/or re-used. It gives you an overview of all the projects which have been achieved by the Architectural Bureau van Stigt and a large number of comparable restorations made by other architects. The original architecture and style of every building is detailed and the most important aspects of the restoration or re-use are described. The guide offers an overview of all the styles that have been used in Amsterdam over the past seven centuries. These are placed in the context of the historic development and growth of the city of Amsterdam. The author, Annemarie Wijn, is an architectural historian, former staff member and now board member of the Stichting Agora Europa.


Historic City Centre 
Sint Olofskapel/Oude Kerk/Oost-Indisch Huis/Nieuwe Kerk/Amsterdams Historisch Museum/ Begijnhof/Bartholotti Huis/
Westerkerk/Felix Meritis
City Centre-South

Amstelkerk/De Duif/Barlaeus Gymnasium/ Paradiso/Nederlands Filmmuseum/
Vondelkerk/Sweelinck College/Zuiderbad
City Centre-East

Joods Historisch Museum/Hugo de Vries
Centrum/ Desmet Studioís/ Entrepotdok/Oranje Nassau Kazerne/ Kavallerie-Kazerne/ Rijks-magazijn voor geneesmiddelen/Gerardus Majellakerk 
Along the River IJ
Graansiloís/Posthoornkerk/Ronde Lutherse Kerk/Droogbak/Noordelijke IJ-oever/Pakhuis de Zwijger/Pakhuis Wilhelmina/Lloyd Hotel/Loods 6/ Pakhuis Koning Willem I
Olympisch Stadion/Amsterdams Lyceum/Minervalaan/Openluchtschool/

Apollohal/ P.L.Takstraat/De Wolkenkrabber


























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A New Life for Old Buildings, 108 pages {ISBN: 978-90-811002-3-6}. Many coloured illustrations.
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